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Decorative dragons on the Vanderbilt Gates

Secrets of Central Park Walking Tours

Sundays & Mondays (for the 2022 season) 
2:30pm $25   

 Approximately 2 hours and 2+ miles (3.2k)

Secrets of Central Park Walking Tour Highlights

  • Uncover the untold stories behind the history of Central Park

  • Encounter and hear about obscure locations and interesting objects throughout the park

  • Gain hidden knowledge about Central Park with a local insider

  • A great walking tour for locals and visitors


Description Summary

Uncover and discover hidden knowledge behind the obvious in Central Park. This adventurous walking tour series “Secrets of Central Park” explores the lesser-known stories behind many locations, enhancements, and objects in the park.  Three different two-hour walking tours enjoy three different locations in Central Park daily at 2:30 pm. The South, Middle Kingdom, and Northern Secrets of Central Park Tours explore each section individually.

This walking tour unlocks secrets and juicy stories around the development and growth of this iconic New York City landmark. Each tour was developed and is led by Manhattan and Beyond Tours owner, Lyall Croft.  A former Central Park employee, historian, educator, and professional licensed guide, with more than 15 years of guiding experience. Croft knows hospitality and Central Park better than most. Check out our reviews! This tour is highly rated and a lot of fun.

Full Description

Did you know there is a witch in Central Park? How about where the time capsule is located? Have you ever seen Bill Cosby’s bench? Which trees are biggest, oldest, and oddest? As a Historian, professional tour guide, and former Central Park employee, very few guides hold insider knowledge about Central Park than your guide on this tour.


Together we go beyond the norm of Strawberry Fields and the Zoo, to look at some of the lesser-known facts, locations and stories behind Central Park. Offered Daily at 2:30 pm, these two-hour excerpts cover three different areas and unlock many secrets and juicy stories behind the park and its history. General Central Park knowledge will also be shared on these tours, but the focus is the little-known facts.


The South Secrets Walking Tour (only offered as a private tour 2022) uncovers stories behind the Bethesda carvings and the Angel of the Waters fountain, swill milk, Phrenology, a blind mule, and much more!


Our Middle Kingdom Secrets Walking Tour (Sundays) explores the middle section of Central Park as we recount the battle of Grunwald in 1410, find the secret cave and learn who was in the Turtle Pond before the turtles. Did you know there are three versions of the same statue by the same guy located in Central Park? Come on this tour and find out!  


The North Secrets Walking Tour (Mondays) discovers a hidden fortress, recounts the annual sleigh race for a bottle of bubbly and visits some of the most beautiful hidden spots of nature in Central Park. Join us and explore the lesser-known end of the park and learn of the many secrets it holds.


Each secret tour starts at a different location and all include approximately 2+ miles (3k+) walking.  The north and middle kingdom tours include stairs and hills.  Be prepared for a good walk!


Approximately 2 hours and 2+ miles (3.2k) Daily at 2.:30pm

Available as a private or group tour

Secrets of Central Park - 

South Walking Tour

meets at  

2 Columbus Circle on the Broadway side of the Museum of Arts and Design the and ends at Strawberry Fields, Central Park West and West 72nd Street

As private tour only

Please plan accordingly arrive a few minutes early and dress for the weather

Secrets of Central Park -

Middle Kingdom Walking Tour

meets at 

Central Park West & West 85th Street at the Parks entrance ends at 5th Ave & East 84th Street


Sundays 2:30pm

Please plan accordingly, arrive a few minutes early and dress for the weather

Secrets of Central Park -

North Walking Tour

meets at 

Central Park West & West 106th Street at the Parks entrance ends at 5th Ave & East 97th Street


Mondays 2:30pm 

**This tour includes hills and stairs**

Please plan accordingly, arrive a few minutes early and dress for the weather

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