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Guided Walking Tours and Bicycle Tours are the Best Way to see New York City

Original Post: April 20, 2018

New York City is a major travel destination because there are so many wonderful things to do and see. One could can keep coming back over and over and not get tired. If you thirst knowledge, seek adventure, enjoy culture and revel in entertainment, New York City is the place to be.

Visitors of New York City can be intimidated by the size of the buildings, the fast-moving atmosphere, the hawkers, the streets and subway. It is a place that is often vastly different from where they are from. Hiring a great guide is one way to get the most of this city. Taking a walking tour or bicycle tour is one of the best ways to experience and explore the many wonderful places to see in New York City. Following a good guide around Central Park or Wacky Washington Square will only make the experience better.

An educated tour guide will help relieve the anxiety one might have visiting a new place and help visitors to achieve the most efficient use of the limited time they have to explore the city. Guides add a greater value to this experience than if one just explored on their own. Visiting a neighborhood like Greenwich Village or Central Park is fine on your own, but with a guide there is no fussing with maps, fumbling with cell phones, tablets or guide books.

An experienced, knowledgeable guide does more than point out sites and deliver a bunch of facts. They will tell a short story, say a little joke, be your friend, answer your questions and create an experience that is both memorable and educational. Best of all your guide knows the way, the area and how to negotiate around obstacles that may appear in such a busy place. A good guide knows the most scenic route, avoids the lack luster and points out the greatness.

Lastly, a good walking tour or bicycle tour guide should know a lot about what they are showing you. It is advisable to do your research and one can get great information from a guide book, but a good guide takes that task out of your hands, freeing you up to just enjoy the ride.

One way to choose a good guide for your experience in New York City is to hire a one or use a company who's guides are members of the Guides Association of New York City. The Guides Association promote the highest standards in the industry and the members are the best in the business.

All Manhattan and Beyond Tours guides are licensed and members of the Guides Association of New York City. Let us be your friend and help you experience the city through our tour guide services.

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