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Street Sign West 57th Street

Billionaires Row Walking Tour

Reservation Only 12:00pm - $25

Approximately 2 hours and 1.5 miles (2.8k)

Billionaires Row Walking Tour

  • Architecture tour that examines buildings and residences along “Billionaires Row” 57th Street Manhattan

  • See the condominium floor plans of some of the most exclusive residences in the world   

  • Explore historical data, construction techniques and the social impact of such tall buildings

  • Learn of those who purchase these luxury apartments, their worth and contributions to society


Description Summary

There are five new skyscrapers built in the last few years along West 57th Street and in them live some of the wealthiest people in the world. Called “Billionaires Row” for the high concentration of pricey-uber-luxury apartments and the millionaires and billionaires who purchased them. This tour is a social-centered architecture tour where we will examine these massive building’s design, costs, floor plans, information on ownership, the controversy behind the building’s construction and their social impact.


Full Description

This tour explores the new architecture, floor plans, celebrities and social impact of five brand new, extremely tall, uber luxury residential apartment buildings along the southern border of Central Park. Forever changing the skyline of Midtown, these behemoth buildings house some the most expensive and exclusive residences in the world. Averaging $10 million each, the super-wealthy who live in them enjoy sweeping views of Central Park and look down at the Empire State Building.

Known as “Billionaires Row” because it is the highest concentration of Millionaires on one street, on this tour we will review pictures and floor plans of several apartments and look at some of those who purchased them.  Historical background, construction techniques and critique will be shared as well as information on some of the other interesting buildings along the way like Carnegie Hall and Trump Tower. Lastly, we will examine public opinion, professional critique, controversy and share stories behind the permitting and construction of such tall buildings.


Approximately 2 hours – 1.5 mile walk


Available as a private or group tour

Professional licensed tour guide

This Tour meets at in the plaza at the base of 432 Park Ave (E56th & Park Ave) and ends at 2 Columbus Circle in front of the Museum of Arts and Design


Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early and dress for the weather

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